About us

Signage Advertising and Promotional Media

From Design to Sign it’s your Time


Getting you NOTICED is our FOCUS


As a business that specialises in all aspects of marketing we understand the emotions of creating the right image design for logos used in advertising and brand awareness campaigns.


From small ideas to iconic legends we are here to help you promote yourself, your business, your idea, your dream, your future, from every step of the way, signs, slogans, labels, flags, branding and tags, in fact any way to help you get market share, recognition and fame we are here to get you noticed.


Just like you we have worked with Johny Full Stop and Dave Get Ahead, we are here for you all of the way, we believe in you, your dreams and aspirations. Include us in your journey and we will help you create the market share and awareness that you desire.

Who is Grafix4U

Grafix4U is a Signage and Digital Printing Solutions company that officially opened for business in 2002. We, the current owners, purchased Grafix4U in 2006 with little knowledge of the industry. Our goal was and still is to set ourselves up as a reputable self sufficient company by creating trustworthy partnerships with our suppliers, colleagues, external business partners and client customers with the confidence to say “We were here yesterday, We are here today and We will be here tomorrow.

We have a healthy network of suppliers and professionals within the Digital and Signage industry with whom we are in constant contact with when it comes to Experience and Quality.


In building these relationships and putting them in place we can guarantee you that we will supply the right product for the desired end result that is GETTING YOU NOTICED.

Why should you use Grafix4u?


We know that comic book characters come to life

We know that dreams can become reality

We know that brands become empires

We know that infants become adults

We know that anything is possible if you believe in yourself


We believe in you and not the system that’s why


We are different

We are young and younger

We are innovated

We are disciplined

We are focused

We go to work because we want to

We enjoy telling you what we do

We instill confidence in peoples needs.

Our Market

In this age and era it is almost impossible to only supply to one segment of the market as the modern computer and advance of technology enables us to create 3D objects and working models in the living room while watching TV. One can virtually materialise what we see, individual entrepreneurship is now possible. There is no-body, person, business or company that does not need or want to GET NOTICED with their own individual brand, logo or label. Our long term focus is on new and young business achievers whom we are able to server and partner with in their growth of success. Our short term and immediate service that we offer is the no hassle supply on short demand that is often required with well established big businesses.

Our Success

Our success and knowledge grows with the vision of our client customer.

The success of every client / customer is also our success.

The product knowledge and reliable service from our suppliers adds to our success

The dedicated Grafix4U staff who lead with confidence is a big part of our success

Together we are one.